A Fit Lean You

A 3-Month

Lifestyle & Nutrition Program Designed

Just For You

A tailored program for women over 40 who want to improve their health and fitness and achieve lasting results

Wouldn't it be great if... 


you learned how to transform your body and health in just 3 months? It would be even better if you had an experienced guide who taught you to manage your unique needs based on your specific goals to achieve a happy, healthy life that’s actually sustainable.


You can stop guessing and learn precisely how to get what you want


This program is designed to meet you where you are and help you make choices that can transform the way you look and feel.  We work together for 3-months so I can help you put a custom plan into action and help you see real results. 

How this works

The Pre-Work 

Before we meet, you will get some questions to answer before our call. This is the beginning of your journey and just one of the tools you and I will use while working together.  This is where our foundational work begins!


Assessment Session 

We meet, and I continue to gather details that help me create your custom plan. 


Plan Development & Creating Foundations 

You are busy working with some tools and new habits that will help us monitor and evaluate your progress. I am creating your custom plan.


Plan Walkthrough Session 

We get to go over your plan in detail, so you understand everything, have an opportunity to ask your questions and feel great about taking action.



You and I work together as you put your plan into action. You will have tasks to perform and things to submit to me regularly. I am there for you always for any questions by email and a tool you will download called Voxer where you and I can talk whenever you like.


Support Sessions Every 2-weeks 

We jump on the phone every 2-weeks to discuss your progress and adjust anything that's necessary.


Final Session 

We talk about next steps, maintenance and review the documents I've asked you to use and celebrate your learnings and your hard work.


This is perfect for you if

  • You're tired of starving yourself or trying restrictive diets that don't work and make you feel deprived

  • You're done with guessing and hoping what you're doing will work

  • You want to learn from someone who can teach you what will work for you, and

  • You're excited to do the work, step out of your comfort zone and make some changes for a fit lean you.

A program that teaches the art of a healthy you

Made for your body and your life for change that lasts


Health plans that rely on only one aspect of our full lives are destined to fail.


You will learn new mindset tools, gain insight into how your lifestyle impacts your health and how to make changes. Nutrition is a cornerstone of our work together, and you will understand how to use it as a powerful tool to get the results you want.​

This program makes everything better


Feel Better. Identify and change self-sabotage & include practices that set you up for success. 



Live Better. Evaluate what's working and what isn't and discover the small changes with significant impacts.



Eat Better. See how powerful your choices are and learn what's right for you.




Move Better. Know how much movement you need to reach your goals and the kind that will benefit you the most.

Join me for a comprehensive transformational experience


Here's a summary of what you get: 


  • A custom fitness and nutrition plan tailored to your goals

  • Comprehensive assessments and reevaluations at regular intervals to optimize results 

  • 3-month private mentorship

  • Help and feedback for success and accountability

  • Voice and email support so you're never without support or answers to questions

  • 8-1:1 sessions with me to guide and support you 

  • Sustainability plan so you can keep going long after this program ends