Health & Nutrition Coach For

Women Over 40

for women over 40 who ARE READY TO TAKE ACTION so they can live their best lives

Hi I’m Leigh


I help women over 40 who are no longer satisfied with the way their bodies look and feel get back in shape.


I can help you connect the dots


If you’ve been trying hard and are still not achieving your fat loss goals or some aspect about how you look and feel, has become a burden to you, I can help you connect the dots between what you are doing and the personal results you are getting.  


Experience your best self


My mission is to help women experience their best life in a way that is easy, enjoyable and effective. The good news is the same things that can help with fat loss and body composition goals can also ignite our energy, sharpen our minds, balance our moods and help us sleep at night.




I've always inclined to want to help people feel better and this inclination, paired with my passion for health and the human body, landed me in the healthcare profession over thirty years ago.


These are the credentials I currently have:

  • Registered Nurse (RN) since 1987 

  • Pediatric Nurse Practitioner (PNP) since 1995) 

  • Certified Functional Nutrition Practitioner

  • Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach


I'm a somewhat nerdy passionate persona (see flying cape on a girl with eyeglasses and a book in hand) with an incessant pursuit of holistic health and wellness knowledge.


Furthermore, I want to live out my version of A Fit Lean Life well into my nineties. If that sounds pretty good to you too, I bet we'd get along.  

Animals, gardening, books and a love of personal development all keep me pretty happy. Here's to living a life that allows us to show up fully and energetically for ourselves and others. 

This is what I want for you!